General  Secretariat for the Christian Educational Foundations

in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


Baptism site in Jordan at the Epiphany day (2003)

About Jordan

The General Secretariat for the Christian Educational Foundations in the H. K. of Jordan, (GSCEF), is a non-profit non-governmental (NGO), private ecclesiastical educational foundation, which assembles and represents the Christian educational foundations and schools in Jordan. (The picture on Jordan on this web site is the baptismal site. It is the place where Jordanian Christians go to pray and visit, in memory of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Holy Jordan River.)


Vision, Jordan

The GSCEF and the schools under its jurisdiction adopts the message of the school that was included in the documents of the General Pastoral Plan of the Catholic Churches in the Holy Land (the General Pastoral Plan, Pages 115-123). This plan was issued by the Diocesan Synod of the Catholic Churches in the Holy Land in 2000)

 "The Church's involvement in the field of education is demonstrated especially by the Catholic school. No less than other schools does the Catholic school pursue cultural goals and the natural development of youth. But it has several distinctive purposes. It aims to create for the school community an at­mosphere enlivened by the gospel spirit of freedom and charity. It aims to help the adolescent in such a way that the development of his own personality will be matched by the growth of that new creation which he became by baptism. It strives to relate all human culture eventually to the news of salvation, so that the light of faith will illumine the knowledge, which students gradually gain of the world, of life, and of mankind. So it is, that while the Catholic school fit­tingly adjusts itself to the circumstances of advancing times, it is educating its students to promote effectively the welfare of the earthly city, and preparing them to serve the advancement of the reign of God. The purpose in view is that by living an exemplary and apostolic life, the Catholic graduate can become, as it were, the saving leaven of the human family"

              Consequently, the General Secretariat’s perception of educational work in schools is as follows according to the General Pastoral Plan):


Mission, Jordan

The mission of the GSCEF and its schools can be summed in the following points according to the General Pastoral Plan:


Statistics, Jordan

-         Latin Patriarchate, 24 schools.

-         Greek Catholic Melchite, 6 schools.

-         Rosary Sisters, 6 schools.

-         Latin Congregations, 3 schools.

-         Greek Catholic Melchite Congregations, 4 schools.

-         Armenian Orthodox, 1 school.

-         Armenian Catholic, 1 school.

-         Evangelical Nazarene, 1 school.

-         Schools owned by Christian individuals, 4 schools.

These schools include in one way or another the various phases of education, which, in Jordan, is divided into three phases: Kindergarten, Basic from the first to the tenth  elementary grade, and secondary, which are the first and second secondary classes. There are nearly 24951 students, with 1673 teachers and administrative personnel employed by these schools, in addition to the priests, monks and nuns.

1-        The Secretary General as Chairman

2-        The Principal of Terra Sancta College as Deputy Chairman

3-        A Representative of the Rosary Sisters Schools as member

4-        The Principal of Our Lady of Nazareth School as member.

5-        Director General of the Schools the Greek Catholic Melchite as member.

6-        The Principal of the Franciscan Sisters School as member.

7-        A Representative of the Schools owned by Christian individuals as member.

8-        The Secretary of the GSCEF as rapporteur.



Activities, Jordan

The GSCEF shall undertake the following duties:


Projects, Jordan


Contact, Jordan

         Telephone and Fax: ++ 962 6 4625300 

         Mobile: ++ 962 79 5600638/++962 7





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