Secondary, Elementary and Kindergarten



The village of Jubaiha is situated on the North Eastern outskirts, about 10kms from the centre of Amman. When the parish was established in 1991, the surrounding countryside was mostly agricultural land with little housing. Gradually more and more houses have been built as people move from the centre to more pleasant surroundings. The construction work has accelerated in the last four years with the building of a large University and Government School. A wide new road, linking the centre of Amman with other towns to the north has made it more accessible to people wishing to move to a better environment.

The residents are mostly from the well-educated sector of society, being employed in the professional or business areas. There is now a growing population of about 18000, 15% are Christian with remainder Muslim. As there is no Orthodox church in the vicinity at the moment, the Latin Church serves both communities.

When it was first founded the school was for the Kindergarten only. This is on one floor with pleasant large classrooms and a good outside area, part of which is shaded with excellent, up to date equipment. To one side is a small area with ducks, chickens, geese, a goat and even a monkey. The interior decoration of the corridors and Entrance Hall is bright and cheerful with murals, painted by an Italian artist, on most walls.

In 1993 the new school across the road was built to take children from grade one to grade six. This consisted of a basement providing a covered area for play during wet weather, the ground and first floors with classrooms and a large hall, now used as the church, on the mezzanine level. A small classroom is used as a computer laboratory for grades one to five using fourteen computers.

In 2000, further construction took place, on the end, at right angles to the main building. This has provided an extension to the covered play space, four more classrooms on the first floor with two science laboratories, a computer room with 30 computers used by grades six to twelve, and a poorly stocked library. Only one science laboratory is in use, the other is unused having no equipment.

In the ground floor basement is a small storeroom for sports equipment.

From the year 2004 the school has taken children up to grade twelve in twenty classrooms.

With the number of children moving into the area the school is becoming overcrowded and there is a great need for the expansion of both the site and buildings.

Adjacent to the entrance are offices for the Principal, Parish Priest Administrator, Financial Assistant, Secretaries and Staff rooms.

After graduation from grade twelve, the first of which will be in the summer of 2005, most of the children will continue their education at Universities. There is a high standard of education in keeping with the rest of the schools, both government and private, in Jordan. The Music and Physical Education are of a very high standard.

There are about 616 pupils on the school roll, of these 299 are girls and 317 boys, 480 Christian and 236 Muslim.



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