Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

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This page is dedicated to the memory of the forefathers, who built the Church of Fuheis, 69 years ago.

The project restoration slogan is:
" I will restore the Church of my forefathers "
Omar Elias Hattar 12 years old, suggested this slogan!

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شعار مشروع ترميم الكنيسة

"سأرمم كنيسة أجدادي"

واقترح هذا الشعار عمر الياس حتر ، البالغ من العمر اثنا عشر عاما


The Forefathers Church Builders, Fuheis Parishioners 1932

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
Fuheis - Jordan
By Engineer Samir Saad, Consultant

This Church was build in 1932 in the reign of the late Patriarch Luigi Barlassina (1920-1947), the Salt Parish Priest Rev. Firgani Supervised its construction and the late Rev. Anton Hihi (1929-1937) was at that time Fuheis Parish Priest.
The builders in 1932 came from Fuheis and Palestine, Elias Shoumali from Beit Sahour (stone builder and dresser), and Issa Kleif Sheini from Fuheis, also aggregate and water suppliers Ayyed Ghattas, Jiries Samawi and Elias Akkawi. Other names we arrived to know: Moussa & Habib & Ayed Elias Aranki, Yacoub Ibrahim Saadeh, Fadian Zidan Sweis, Toma Awad Hattar, Nasser Awad Hattar, Ibrahim Abdallah Sweis, Youssef Sleiman Hattar, Sleiman Awad Hattar, Jobrail Nossor Hattar, Anees Najeeb Kawar,Ibrahim Shoubash & Aziz Alhassan.
Many of the Fuheis Labor participated in the construction for daily wages of six piasters at that time, Contractor for tiles was Jamil Audeh AL-Samaan from Fuheis while an Italian person named Kobi and a Fuheisi Audeh Suleiman AL-Maaet did the plastering.
The late Patriarch Giacomo Beltritti and the late Bishop Nimeh Al-Samaan also shared in the construction of the Church. They were deacons ,the first supplied the job with materials ( brought some of it from Jerusalem i.e. Cement and Tiles) and the second supervised the labors and paid their wages.

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Fr. Anton Hihi Parish Priest of Fuheis 1927-1932

- Amongst main features of the Church:
- The Church had a roof from zinc sheets covered from the inside with wooden sheets.
- The altar was decorated with the picture of Mary's Pure Heart. (Presently hung in the left side of the Church).
- The altar was built form natural stone and marble.
- The altar area was tiled with stone tiles.
- The Church was decorated with a number of statutes and some side altars that were removed later on, with a stone balustrade erected in-front of the altar.

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Altar - 1932

Amongst major changes that were done to the Church:

- In 1972 the old zinc sheets roof was changed for new asbestos roof. Asbestos has been proved to be a cancerous material and presently prohibited internationally.
- In 1974 a new altar was built in which the Priest faces the Congregation. - An Aluminum entrance to the Church was added and the main.- A statute of the Virgin Mary changed painting in the altar.
-In 1976-1977 the old altar, statutes and side altars were removed and a baptistery bowl was placed in addition to a side altar for the Virgin Mary, the windows were also decorated with Latroun colored glass and the altar balustrade was removed.
-In 1980 the altar area was covered by wall to wall carpet thus covering the altar stone tiles.
-In I995 the Church was supplied with hot air blowers to heat the inside of the Church by using special boiler that was placed in the basement floor.
- In the1997 a new wood timber tabernacle was erected to replace.The old that was removed in 1976.
-The Church's roof (Asbestos sheets) besides being internationally forbidden, yet if leaks badly blooding some areas and causing excessive humidity all the year round.
-Some donors supplied the Church with chandeliers of different types and shapes, which diminished the lighting effect in addition to creating an unpleasant sight.
-The many changes introduced caused the Church to loose its original style and architecture despite the fact that when the church was built it was poor in materials due to lack of finance.
-The Church presently is in bad need for directives on the renovation of the Church as well as the placing of statures, the interior decoration etc . . .

Fuheis: June 3. 2001