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Latin Church Restoration Project
Amman - Jordan
USA $  232395 ( 165000 Jordanian Dinar )

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The Engineering Studies and Consulting Office Co., which is a consulting office at the Latin Patriarchate, performed this primary study. This office has submitted the study to His Beatitude Michel Sabbah, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem. The study has included the initial cost estimation and the details of the restoration.

The Engineering Studies and Consulting Office Co., addressed the following letter to His Beatitude:



Restoration of Fuheis Church / Down Town

Ref : 167/2000

Date : 24/09/2000

His Beatitude Patriarch Michel Sabbah

Latin Patriarchate - Jordan

Subject: Rehabilitation of Fuheis Church / Down Town

Your Beatitude:

The efforts of Rev. Hanna Kildani to resurrect the down town Fuheis church are endless undoubtedly justified for the Fuheis church was built in 1932 with joint efforts of the congregation and most thankful and respectful donors.

Having entrusted me to prepare and follow-up the studies and designs for the church rehabilitation project, just very recently I have prepared as a first step for a rehabilitation program a complete set of as built drawings of the church which will enable participating Architects, Decorators and Engineers to excel in their studies for the rehabilitation of the church, that is capable of seating 650 worshipers.

The project is estimated to cost US $ 232395 as detailed in the attached Bill of quantities calculated at present prevalent rates.

Should your Beatitude require more information or desire further clarifications to bless this project then kindly contact me at your convenience.

Managing Director

Samir A. Saad


Remove existing buffer zone at church entrance from aluminum and replace with the new one as per design in architectural drawings

Remove asbestos roof and timber sheets under lining and the steel system supporting the roof, price to include scaffolding regardless of height and disposing of the materials according to the priest's instructions also the removal of rain water drains numbering (10).

New roof
Supply and install hard wood timber trusses every 60cm for the length of the church 31.5 m (in three trusses, middle one and two sides) price to include burning and painting with oil all knots. Timber dimensions 15x10cm in the long direction of the church with columns in the middle every 4.25m.

Supply and install polyethylene according to agreed sample pink thick type used for swimming pools to be placed over timber trusses prior to installing the red tiles properly fixed and free of any damage or holes.

Supply and install red roof Italian tiles as per agreed sample and according to (BS 402) part 2 with water absorption less than 6% by weight and free of any cracks, breaks, bulges or twisting.

Aluminum clamps to be used and installing should start from the side toward the vertex in parallel rows according to manufacturers instructions, special pieces such as humps and channels and the like should be used. Care should be exercised to apply decorated tiles in each other according to instructions, joints where tiles meets should be grouted with same color grout using 1:1 ratio mixture of white cement and fine marble with coloring and additives to render a grout with the same color and waterproof.

d. To protrude the roof 35cm lined with clean burnt and oil painted timber as shown in drawings.

Rain water drains similar to the ones installed price to include oil paint

Suspended ceiling using decorative sheets used for churches 60x60cm. Suspension system as specified by the manufactures price to include provisions for chandeliers and other items i.e. lighting units, vents etc…

Special type chandeliers for churches to be agreed upon.

Sound system price to include special type wiring for sound systems inside PVC pipes embedded in plastering, speakers, microphones and amplifier 450 watts with FM radio and Cassette sonny or equivalent.

Remove all electrical conduits pipes and wiring and re-install new electrical system compatible with electricity company and safety codes all work to be performed according to drawings and specifications.

Remove old plastering and apply new plastering over cleaned stone surfaces according to specifications price to include disposing of debris to places designated by municipal authorities, watering and scaffolding to suitable heights and all that is needed.

Construct new sacristy adjacent to the alter 8.50 x 4.12m price to include foundations, external stone walls (using same stones as church) red roof tiles roof as those used in the church with steel trusses, plastering, paint, electricity, doors, windows and all that is needed as per drawings and specifications


Emulsion paint for internal walls according to specifications


Grind and polish terrazzo tiles according to specifications price to include protecting the tiles by covering it with gypsum and cleaning at the completion of work

Maintain main entrance door to church and oil paint.

Clean rust stains from stones in external facades using steel brushes and not sand blasting, price to include scaffolding for necessary heights

Stone pointing for sections of external stone facades applying the same style of existing pointing as used, price to include scaffolding for necessary heights.

Remove old window screens and supply and install instead security steel for windows according to drawings, price to include 3 layers of oil painting.

a. Tower Bell
Clean rust stains on stones using steel brush, install aluminum windows six 0.6x3.3m and six. 06x1.2m, plaster the walls from inside in (3) layers according to specifications and apply (3) coats of emulsion paint price includes allowances for scaffolding to necessary heights.

b. New Church Organ
Supply and install electric computerized church bell, Italian made price includes all electric connections (pipes & wires etc…), installation and testing

Repair leaking wall common to the church and priest's residence.

Repair and paint church doors whether steel or wood

Supply and place church furniture as per list prepared by the priest including robes, books, benches etc…

Maintain basement floor mainly repair of doors and windows, emulsion paint and oil paint, grind and polish terrazzo tiles and change WC.


Check window glass and replace broken panes using similar to existing and place glass panes available on site to four windows, price to include putty scaffolding paint and all that is needed.

Allow for new structural designs for the roof and decorative features for the walls and ceiling as well as preparation of tendering documents and supervision fees.
Supply and install new church organ Italian made of the kind approved by Sweifeh parish priest price to include any electrical connection and calibration if needed.

Rent (3) stores capable of storing all the church furniture during the rehabilitation period estimated at 5 months price to include moving storing, rearranging after painting church benches and all that is needed.

Unforeseen expenses     

Fuheis: June 3. 2001