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Parish Priest Fr. Hanna Kildany in Rome, Shopping for the church

I was in Rome on February 20~23. 2002 to participate in the annual meeting of the School Commission of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher. So it was the occasion to go near by the Vatican, where there are many shops to buy the necessary items and ornaments for the church. Fr. Fares Hattar and Fr. Emil Salaytah, who study in Rome, were with me to select the necessary items. Our bill arrived up to 4883.00 Euro (2978.63 JD- 4195.25 $) .Our shopping was in the VINCEZO SERPONE store. Mr. Renzo and Bruno granted us a good discount for the church benefit. The SERPONE takes care of the shipping to Jordan, within days we hope to get a 50 kg. baggage from Rome. The camera of Fr. Fares was there to take some photos of our shopping activity.

Sincerely Yours, Fr. Hanna Kildani   


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Fr. Kildani - Bruno - shopping

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Cross - Chandeliers ...etc.

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Fr. Hattar - Bruno - shopping

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Renzo - Fr. Hattar - Bruno - shopping


    Another wave of supplying the church with altar necessities is already done in Zerqa. The Italians Sisters community in Zerqa North Church , has a small factory where such things are designed by sister Gaitana and made by skilful young girls tailors of Zerqa. We bought a good quantity of : stoles, albs, alter boy accessories, surplices, and chasubles. The total is 1197.18 $ (850 JD). The income of the sisterís factory is used for charity purposes and job creation in the parish.