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  Ghassan and Maisa Zumot . Sydney - Australia. 23 Dec.2001

Dear Father Hanna:

There is no better time of the year than this holly season, to write to you, and express our deepest gratitudes and appreciation to all your countless efforts and hard work through out the years and hopefully many more years yet to come, in nourishing our souls, building up our dear town, raising our kids, restoring a great deal of our continuing past, and making the very long and far away distances short, so that we can read some news or see some pictures of our beloved families back home.

It has been very heart warming and touching, to receive your messages, and read the news about the great accomplishments at every aspect, that makes us so proud that we are who we are, and that we belong to this great community, although we are not physically there but every piece of our hearts and souls is there, especially during this holly week where every flick of light on every Christmas tree moves the tears in our eyes, wishing that we are there sharing the joy of Christmas with all the beloved families and friends.

The church restoration project is such an important and challenging  one to accomplish, but we do believe that it is an achievable goal, because we all have some little money to offer but lots and lots of love...so please accept the humble donation of  500 US $ in the name of  Ghassan & Maisa Zumot for that purpose...a wire transfer was sent to the church account with the Arab Bank on Dec.21st.  Please confirm upon receipt.

And last but not least,  all the best wishes for a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and to Al-Fuheis, may God bless you.

yours sincerely

Maisa & Ghassan Zumot.


Talal Khadhouri Razoki . Londom - U .K . Dec.24.2001

Dear Father Hanna,

We were very pleased to hear about the developments that are going on in your church, and we are pleased that it is almost finished.
It was lovely to see photos of the church as it brought back many memories of the wedding. We would like to give a donation of 100 to your restoration works, and we were wondering were to give our donation to, maybe if you would tell us what account to put it in. 
Wishing you and all your parishioners in Fuheis a very Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year. God Bless, From Talal Khadhouri Razoki and the rest of the family in London.

Talal Khadhouri Razok


Sateh Shoubash and family Fuheis -Jordan . 25 Dec. 2001

Merry Christmas to you our dearest Fr. Hanna Kildani.

Your love to our dear town Fuheis is remarkable, and your devotion to our Parish is distinguished. This love, dedication and loyalty to this dear parish, to our hearts is translated into action, achieved with the massive efforts and hard work, done from your side with the support of the people whom you gained their love and trust. Which brought every parishioner dream true to have their forefathers' church restored and beautified. Lately, when I visited this elderly beloved church with my, family I was surprised with the wonderful interior, as well as the pretty exterior design of the same building. We could touch the love melted within every brick and piece restored. Your love to our town, parish and church is returned to you by much love and respect.

Forward Abouna, we are always with you .


Dear Father Kildani.

Happy Palm Sunday,

It was a real happy day today when the people of Fuheis came back to their old beloved church to find it a piece of beauty, and the most wonderful and most sentimental is that, the church still keeping its spirit and authentic design keeping the almost same appearance But renewed and beautified.

Im one of the many parishioners who kept an eager eye on the church during all the stages of restoration willing to be finished as soon as possible, meanwhile and deep in us, we were having the same thought that this is an old beloved tired sick grandma to all of us and we were all looking for this elderly lady to recover and to get better. Today, weve touched and felt how healthy and youthful this church received her children after a long time of separation.

What I liked most today is that the beautiful old floor tiles which had been designed in a beautiful way was not shown before restoration but today I discovered that this church was skillfully designed but never shown unless it was restored. l noticed -only today- the beautiful division of the interior of the church.

Finally, Please Fr. Accept my family and my own warm appreciation and congratulation for this historical piece of holy work that you worked hard to make it a reality.

The memories of this beautiful April Palm Sunday will stay long in the minds of all Fuheis people who celebrated the day in this church.

English teacher,

Ebtisam Hattar Shoubash

Fuheis- 28/Apr./02

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Firyal Eid

Fuheis. Fri, 5 Jul 2002


Re: Fuheis Churcd re-opening
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 13:59:04 -0700 (PDT)
firyal eid
Father Hanna <keldani@joinnet.com.jo>

Dear Father,

I would like to express my great happiness for the gift which you gave for all of us at the opening day of our church ...

the deep love and warm concerns show us how much you have deep inside ... we felt pure love and warm care through the church ... your touch in it ... and others .

God bless you and all who were a part of this ... may God brings you all health ,success and love.

Firyal Eid

Fuheis. Fri, 5 Jul 2002

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The Middle East Council of Churches

Head Office. Beirut - Lebanon. June 29.2002

Rev. Riad Jarjour, General Secretary


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Youssef Shaddad, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

July 9 . 2002


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